GAU-Radioanalytical has a proven track record in the characterisation of a diverse range of radionuclides in varied sample types. The laboratory routinely handles sample activities ranging from materials being screened against free release criteria to LLW and certain forms of ILW. GAU specialises in developing radionuclide fingerprints for wastes relative to key indicator radionuclides and in the characterisation of wastes for radionuclide, trace metal and complexant concentrations. It also routinely performs analyses in support of land remediation and post decommissioning assurance monitoring. In all cases, GAU will provide comprehensive advice on sampling, sample storage and analytical strategies ensuring the delivery of a cost effective and robust analytical programme.

  • Extensive track record in the characterisation of a diverse range of radionuclides in a wide range of complex matrices.
  • Well equipped, modern laboratories and highly trained, experienced staff providing a cost effective and efficient radioanalytical service to agreed timescales.
  • Advice, support and feedback provided throughout the lifetime of the project.

Examples of projects

  • Profiling of 3H concentrations in metal samples prior to and after shotblasting
  • Radionuclide profiles (including 3H, 41Ca, 55Fe & 63Ni) through concrete bioshield cores
  • Radionuclide screening of saturated ZnBr2 solutions
  • Characterisation of radionuclide and trace elements in Na metal
  • Assessment of 3H contamination in a range of construction materials at Borehamwood
  • Assessment of 226Ra contamination levels on former MoD sites
  • Screening of 3H in asbestos lagging from Magnox reactor boilers
  • Characterisation of radionuclide and complexant concentrations in ion exchange resins
  • Comprehensive radionuclide fingerprinting of IONSIV samples
  • In-situ gamma surveys and associated soil profiling

Materials analysed:

  • water • concrete • sodium • steel
  • aluminium • sediment • graphite • vegetation
  • brick • cadmium • sludge • paint
  • soil • asbestos • plastics • oils