• Seven dedicated laboratories
  • Extensive range of radiometric counting equipment
  • Use of affiliated mass spectrometric facilities
  • Well equipped sample preparation facility

Gamma and Alpha Spectrometry

  • 3 well-type HPGe detectors
  • 4 standard HPGe detectors
  • 2 portable HPGe detectors
  • 1 NaI(Tl) portable detector
  • 2 Octete alpha spectrometer systems (16 detectors)
  • 8 Quad alpha spectrometer systems (32 detectors)

Gas Flow Proportional Counters

  • 1 Tennelec XL5B
  • 1 Tennelec LB-4100


Liquid Scintillation Counters

  • 3 Wallac 1440 Quantulus ultra low-level LSC
  • 1 Wallac 1400 LSC

Pyrolyser Furnaces

  • 4 systems

RAD-7 Radon System
Philips MagiX-Pro WD-X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
ItraX µXRF Logger
EDAX Eagle III Varifocus µXRF spectrometer
Mass spectrometers (ICPMS and MC-ICPMS

GAU-Radioanalytical work closely with a number of other UKAS accredited laboratories to provide a comprehensive analytical service covering a wide range of inorganic and organic contaminants and asbestos characterisation in non-radioactive materials. On-site characterisation of radioactive asbestos can be arranged.

GAU collaborates with other groups within the National Oceanography Centre to provide additional state of the art analytical facilities.