GAU-Radioanalytical (GAU) is an industry and government-agency focused organisation that offers specialist radioanalytical research and analytical services. Project delivery is backed up by an active R&D culture, a team of dedicated and highly skilled scientists, ISO17025 accreditation for radionuclide analysis and competitive pricing. The GAU is a specialist Advisory Unit established in 1988 and is part of the University of Southampton.

We have twenty years practical consultancy and radioanalytical laboratory experience. We offer expert services ranging from all types of radiation spectrometry, X-ray fluorescence analysis, elemental mass spectrometry, pilot-scale studies and on-site field sampling to consultancy advice.

Our range of specialist services is sought by the Nuclear, Petroleum, Geological, Geotechnical, Pharmaceutical and Cement Industries as well as Defence and Local Government sectors. We play a significant role in support of UK nuclear decommissioning projects through low level waste characterisation, radionuclide fingerprinting and contaminated land and building surveys. Our expertise also covers NORM analysis, XRF analysis, X-radiography, and laboratory-scale investigations (e.g. soil washing, electrokinetic soil treatment and decontamination of radionuclides).

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