Radioanalytical studies overview

  • Development of novel preconcentration and sample decomposition techniques
  • Development of novel procedures for the measurement of a and pure  b emitting radionuclides
  • High precision isotopic ratio measurements
  • Development of in situ automated sampling equipment
  • Development of rapid and automated analytical techniques


Studies include:

  • Analytical approaches for the quantification of 3H in environmental and decommissioning samples
  • Development of optimised procedures for the determination of 99Tc, U, Pu and Am in environmental materials
  • Development of extraction chromatographic techniques for the separation of 55Fe and 63Ni from reactor effluents
  • Analysis of 113mCd in irradiated Cd metal
  • High precision isotopic analyses of U and Pu using multi-collector ICPMS
  • Comparison of liquid scintillation counting and accelerator mass spectrometry for the quantification of 41Ca in bioshield concretes